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Who is this new Randall guy?

Randall works hard behind the scenes to deliver refreshing flavors to Guardian Brewing Company customers.

This St. Patty’s Day weekend, Randall will be adding mint and chocolate to Rosscommoner Irish Stout. (The beer is also available as a standard pour, sans mint and chocolate.)

So, who is this Randall guy? And is it okay to call him Randy?

To answer the first question...Randall is not a man. It’s a piece of equipment, a container that infuses beer with flavor-enhancing ingredients. It looks like a filter, and it lives in the draft line between the keg and the tap.

This is what a non-human Randall looks like.

You just pack it full with whatever flavor you want to add to the beer.

“We’ve stuck everything in there,” said head brewer Sean Fickle. “We’ve stuck Jolly Ranchers in there. We’ve stuck Oreos in there.”

Dogfish Head Brewing in Delaware invented the Randall.

“They were stuffing the Randall with hops and filtering the beer through the hops while they were pouring it.”

Now, to answer your second question, you’ll have to take that up with the Randall itself.

Taste the Randall in action this March 16 at the Guardian’s St. Patrick’s Day Party.

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