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Guardian takes over the taps at Digital District arcade bar in Anderson this Thursday

You ever have that nostalgic desire to relive parts of your childhood?

But, like, with craft beer the second time around?

Then get to Anderson’s Digital District this Thursday, March 21.

Digital District is the only craft beer arcade bar in East Central Indiana and it’s hosting a tap takeover with the Guardian Brewing Company this Thursday evening. Six or seven Guardian beers will be on tap.

"Finish him!"

The District also serves up vintage gaming opportunities from your youth, whether you grew up with Xbox 360, the original Nintendo Entertainment System, or even old-timey board and card games. The business offers five pinball machines, five arcade games, two multi-cades with 39 games in each machine, and seven vintage game consoles, according to co-owner Branden Holder.

“Everyone can be united by something,” Holder said. “If you grew up with video games or you grew up with Monopoly, you can find something to do here.”

Digital District is like your parent's basement, except way cooler. Join the Guardian Tap Takeover this Thursday.

Titles available include “Pacman,” “Miss Pacman,” “Galaga,” “Starfox,””Ducktale Adventures,” “Halo,” multiple Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Perhaps the best part…they have an original Mortal Kombat II arcade machine.

Bring some quarters

The game consoles (Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, etc.) are free, first-come, first-served.

“We’ve got the actual cartridges and the actual controllers sitting in disks in front of each one of our television stations. So people can have the thrill of blowing on the cartridges to clear the dust out,” Branden said.

Pinball machines and arcade games take quarters.

Digital District opened in October, the brainchild of Branden, a gaming enthusiast, and his business partner, Brent Dosting, a craft beer nut. They have been a Guardian partner since November.

Plenty of food is available too, including pub pizzas, paninis, pretzels, and, presumably, stuff that doesn't start with the letter P.

So, ransack your piggy bank, hop on your BMX bike, and get to Digital District this Thursday.

Just don’t forget to be home by curfew!

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