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Guardian's "Honky Tonk Night," Friday, March 22, hosts outlaw country singer Sissy Brown

As the kids would say these days, Sissy Brown is country A.F.

Brown will play this Friday, March 22, at Guardian’s taproom, part of a double bill “Honky Tonk Night” with Hank Haggard (if that’s his real name!).  

Music starts at 7:30 p.m.

The Oklahoma native describes herself as sweet-voiced and foul-mouthed. We can confirm that both are true! She sings about hard times and hard living, with song titles like, “Leaving You Behind,” and “When Will the Sun Shine on Me.”

In Brown’s songs, her car is broken down, her rent is late, and her man is cheatin’.

In other words, classic country.

She chatted with the Brew Blog this week about heartache, drinkin’, fightin’ and life on the road.

Okay, I’ve listened to your music all day. I have to ask, is everything okay?

The music I like is generally pretty depressing. I have a really hard time writing happy songs. It tends to be that if I’m happy, I will be in a song drought. But if everything burns down and turns to shit, I can write about it.

Outside of songwriting, though, I’m kind of a goofball. I get up on stage and I start talking shit and people start yelling back and it’s really funny. Then I start playing songs that are really silly, stuff like “She’s Gone Back to Whorin”” by Roger Alan Wade. Or, “If You’re Gonna be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough.”

Outlaw country is soaked in whiskey. Why no beer songs?

I think because there are so many beer drinking songs in radio country. We have to provide that balance. Whiskey is my drink of choice, to my own detriment sometimes.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen at a show? Because I’m envisioning the movie “Roadhouse,” with roundhouse kicks and stools getting smashed.

I play more than 250 shows a year, predominantly in rough bars. Maybe two or three months ago, this girl started throwing glasses. I saw her raise her hand like she was going to throw a glass at me. I was like, “Bitch, don't.” She hucked that glass at me, then she grabbed me by the hair, so I beat the f*&# out of her. I didn’t want to beat her up. I just wanted her to let go of my hair.

I thought you’d tell me that it’s never quite like the movies.

Sometimes it’s exactly like the movies.

So, what happened to that girl?

She eventually let me go and left. I just played my last set like nothing ever happened. Everyone was covered in beer. Usually, I’m not involved. But I see stuff like that all the time.

What the hell happened to country music?

I really used to be on the train of "eff radio country music." I think I’ve aged out of that attitude. For every Florida-Georgia Line that sucks there’s Miranda Lambert putting out great music and Eric Church putting out great music. Just because something is not traditional, I don’t get butthurt about it anymore.

So, when you make it big, we won’t hear your music all polished up with a hip-hop backbeat?

No, but live I do a country version of “Because I Got High” by Afro Man. Otherwise, my songs are three chords and a dream.

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