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5 Questions with The Whiskey Charmers

Detroit's The Whiskey Charmers will be playing at the Guardian taproom, Saturday, March 9, at 8 p.m.

Detroit's The Whiskey Charmers will be playing at the Guardian on Saturday, March 9, at 8 p.m.

The two-piece band consists of lead singer/guitarist Carrie Shepard and lead guitarist Lawrence Daversa.

Get to the taproom and see them. But, in the meantime, check out this interview Carrie gave to The Brew Blog.

Give us a sales pitch. Why should folks come out and see you?

We play pretty much all original songs. We have a couple records out. Our first record was nominated for Best Recording for a Detroit Music Award. Our second record recently won a Detroit Music Award.

We recently had some songs in our first record on a Playstation 4 video game. It’s called Detroit Becomes Human. Because the game takes place in Detroit, they wanted local bands.

I read somewhere you consider yourself Ameripolitan music, what is that?

We’ve completely given up on calling ourselves anything.

Some people when they heard our first record said country-noir and goth-Americana. So, for a while we called ourselves Americana.

Then we said Ameripolitan. It’s a genre for bands who lean country, but aren’t really modern country.

Then we realized we don’t really fit in that either. We started calling ourselves alt-country, but then we realized we aren’t that. We’ve given up on a label.

We have a wide range of songs. Some are bluesy. Some almost sound like garage rock.

How did the band form?

We’ve been a band since 2012. Lawrence and I were both in other projects that were ending at the time.

A drummer I knew said he knew a great guitar player and we should get together. Lawrence was playing in a band called Twistin' Tarantulas. It was super high energy almost rockabilly.

I didn’t see it being a fit at all. But I sent him some songs and it worked right away.

Do you make it to Indiana often?

No. We haven’t. I think we played at one winery in Indiana and that’s it. We spend a lot of time in Michigan and the Carolinas.

In the Carolinas there are so many places close together. You can maximize your time on the road. People down there seem to be big music fans too.

What’s next for Whiskey Charmers?

We’re starting to work on our third record. We just finished a crowdfunding campaign and it’s funded.

This weekend we will be playing a lot of new material that’s going to be on that record.

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